Tracing Ancestors

Tracing Your Family History with Donegal Ancestry

Searching for Ancestors

Our Database contains almost One Million records from County Donegal Genealogy Sources. We offer a range of services and our customers can choose from the following:

Customers are advised of the research fees before any research is undertaken. The consultation fee is non-refundable but is credited against commissioned research.

Where to start

Find out all the information you can about your ancestors. Start with your own family, there may be a family Bible, letters, certificates of births, deaths or marriages, oral tradition, unusual family names etc. If you are beginning your research outside Ireland you should consult documented evidence in your own country, such as census returns, church records, land records, naturalisation papers, passenger lists, passport records etc.

Please Note: The success of your family research will depend on the information you supply and the availability of relevant records relating to your inquiry. We cannot predetermine the results.

This is one of the ships from the McCorkell line which sailed out of Derry port carrying emigrants and cargo to the Americas during the 19th century. Derry was the main port for emigrants from Donegal travelling to the New World until the steamship took over in 1897.

Sources we will consult

Our database, updated daily, contains records from all the major sources including pre-1900 Church registers, Civil Birth, Marriage and Death Registers, 1901 and 1911 Census Returns, Griffith's Valuation, Tithe Applotment Books, School Roll Books and many other valuable miscellaneous record sources.

1911 Census Extract

Details of our Research Service

Each and every family history report compiled by our research department is individually researched and interpreted by an experienced Researcher. We provide the following options to our customers:


We provide a consultation service if you wish to visit the Centre to discuss your family history inquiry with our Researcher. The consultation fee of €15.00 is non-refundable but will be credited to you if further research is commissioned.

Record Search

A specific record search, i.e., birth records, marriage records, death records, census returns etc., may be conducted in some instances for one or more records. We will inform you if the source is available and quote a fee. A successful Record Search will identify the place of origin of the ancestor and will enable the Researcher to advise if it is feasible to conduct further research.

Preliminary Report

Our researcher will assess the information supplied by you and then conduct an initial examination of all sources to establish whether research is feasible. The Preliminary Report will include full details of the sources consulted and the researcher's recommendations. Where records are found in the County Donegal sources, we will quote a fee for providing details of the records and compiling a family history report.

Staged Report

On receipt of the Preliminary Report you can decide whether you want to commission a full family history report or conduct your research in stages to suit your budget.

Full Report

This exclusive and individually designed interpretative family history report will include transcripts or, where appropriate, copies of the records uncovered, a description of the sources that are searched, details of the administrative and geographic divisions, information when available on the family names, the local parish history and maps. Full Reports are individually costed.

Location Search

Our researcher will try to identify the place of origin of the ancestor. If the search is successful you will receive a transcript of one relevant entry and a parish map pinpointing the location. We will also advise you if it is feasible to carry out further research.

Records on the Donegal Database

To Avail of our Services:

Please complete the Research Questionnaire and return it with the appropriate fee. By return post you will receive an acknowledgement and an approximate date of when you should receive your commissioned research. If you wish to commission a search of the database or specific searches please send your request on the Research Questionnaire and we will quote you the relevant fee.

Typical Costs

Donegal Ancestry Limited is a community, not for profit organisation with charitable status. The fees applied cover a portion of the cost of providing genealogical research. Family History Research typically costs between €120.00 and €400.00. Amounts vary depending on the number of records uncovered and the length of time required to do the research. The cost of producing a Full Family History Report can only be assessed after a preliminary/feasibility report has been concluded.

Typical Fees Charged:

Type of Research Euro incl. VAT Euro excl. VAT
Record Search €23 €20
Location Search €55 €45
Feasibility/preliminary reports €76 €63

These fees are a guideline only and may vary slightly.